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    Spain is most commonly known for Flamenco music bull-fights, beautiful beaches and lots of sunshine.
    You will be spoilt for choice with the sun-drenched shores and a wealth of sights to be discovered.
    In the summer, rain is rare and sun is guaranteed. It can get very hot, normally high 20s and low 30s. Summer evenings are warm as well, often reaching above 20 Celsius.
    It is one of Europeís top holiday destinations and is well linked to other European countries by air, rail and road. Flying is of cause by far the cheapest and fastest option.
    Spain is also the European country closest to Africa. In fact, the Spanish cities of Ceuta and Melilla are the only European territories on the African continent. Spain is located in the southwest of Europe.on the Iberian Peninsula, of which it occupies approximately 80% (the other 20% being Portugal).
    There are 5 big mountain ranges crossing the country, and about 50% is an elevated plain.
    Interesting facts about Spain:
    Area: 504,750sq km; 194,884sq miles
    Languages: Castilian Spanish which is the official Language. Catalonian, Galician, Valenciano, Vasco
    Relgion: 99% Roman Catholic
    Capital: Madrid
    Of Interest for Visitors
    Tourism: 57,4 million visitors per year
    Currency: Euro/ Credit Cards: Visa,Eurocard, American Express, Mastercard, Diners Club and Access are widely accepted.
    Visa: No visa required for EU passport holders and for U.S. and Canadian citizens staying up to 90 days.
    Electricity is 220V
    The weather varies across Spain, Late Spring, early summer and early autumn are less crowded and the temperatures are slightly cooler.
    If you donít mind high temperatures, summer is a very popular time with temperatures reaching 35C in July and August.
    When planning a trip to Spain the temperatures will also vary depending on the location you are visiting. If you are visiting the coast of Spain, in the winter, it will be rather cool while in the summer it will be very warm. The further inland you go the cooler it will be in winter, being very cold in winter and hot in the summer.